Revenue and Profit Increase from CRM for the sales department

The global purposes of the company — increase in a turn and profit. Work of CRM has to promote obtaining the necessary data and improve sales as a process. So, for the analysis of the increase in revenue it is necessary to obtain information about:

number of addresses;
costs of the address;
the received revenue;
conversion in a funnel on new clients;
quantitative indices of activity of managers.
For control of profit it is necessary to take data about:
number of applications on segments;
conversion of segments;
profitability of segments;
purchase costs;
the efficiency of different channels;
the plan/fact on a margin in a section of managers.

On the basis of this information algorithms, scripts and the loyalty program on favorable segments are developed, the decision on refusal of unprofitable is made.

Besides, in settings of service, it is necessary to put “ability” to estimate segments on profitability, in the size of former transactions from clients and on these data to place priorities.

The preparatory stage before implementing CRM

Standardly closing of the transaction looks as below: have sent the offer — have received the answer (“Yes” or “No”). However for some segments of the business preliminary estimate of the current state of the client is peculiar. And it should be considered at the choice of the program.

If you have non-standard stages of preparation of the transaction, don’t agree with proposals of developers to take universal system. Settings will “fly”, and service maintenance to demand constant financing. Agree “to sew” a specific stage in the system.

Interaction with clients

If your production means recurrence, then it is important to managers not just to sell and to transfer the client to the category of constants. Schematically process will be similar to a skirt which extends to a bottom after the first purchase.

There is a question, how often is it necessary to interact with the current clients and how to build relations with client. And here it is important to adjust in service repeated contacts of the buyer depending and on as far as:

life cycle length of a product;
the competition level in your sphere is high;
repeated purchases are probable.

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