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Modern web design has nothing to do with what you remember from time to time. Interestingly, there are still static sites of serious companies for forwarding, household services and so on. In this article, we’ll give you five reasons to choose the latest site-building methods, and although you invest some dollars more, you’ll know what you spent it on. But let’s go empty talk and move on to the essence:

The Success:

Achievements in today’s web development are immense and they are taught by technology: Java, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Flash and the like. Your website would look much better if it was applied to it.

  • Aside from the purely visual side of things, modern web design adds more to your pages. For example, you have the real chance of integrating them into any smartphone, tablet, or other mobile technology.
  • Thanks to the above-mentioned developments in web programming, your websites, web portals, or online stores are often more functional than ever before. Today, we publish pictures, audio and video in real time, and that does not cost us any effort.
  • And since we mentioned electronic shops, they are among the most sought after these days. Web designers will create an easy-to-use control panel from where to add content, change products, prices and everything you need.

Fifth, but not least, we add the possibility of internet advertising and marketing approaches. For a small amount of money you can do SEO optimization, ad campaign in Adwords or another PPC network or just get traffic from social networks.

Perhaps you are wondering who is going to work on a site for your purposes and here is the time to mention our company, namely Glide Design based in Sofia. On our site you will see a portfolio of our work so far, as well as the full catalog of services we can do for you. The best SEO Experts come up with the perfect utility of this.

In a Nutshell

More importantly, know that the Internet is becoming an increasingly attractive place to present your business and goods. Do not miss the innovative methods of promoting the business, we are close to you and we will help with whatever we can. Greetings and all good!

Today we will introduce you a relatively new tool to SEO, which is used to evaluate your on-page SEO optimization. The evaluation is in the form of a letter from A to F (if I’m not mistaken), with A being the best rating.

The tool is free for three uses a day (at least at this time). To use it simply enter your keyword and URL and press the button. You will get a total score, number of uses for the keyword as a whole, and also different page elements.

And most importantly, you will see the different evaluation criteria, conveniently arranged in importance. There are even recommendations and tips on where the tool has made you think you need to fix things. So after a few changes you can improve your rating, and on-page SEO optimization naturally.Make sure you observe at least the critical elements and those of high importance. Without good on-site optimization, your remaining optimization does not work at full speed (so to speak).

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